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Wes and Emily Brecon Jazz concert

Monday, 13th July 2015

I’m looking forward to playing a set featuring the tunes and compositions of Wes Montgomery and Emily Remler. Produced by Brecon Jazz club it features Alison Rayner on bass, Greg Evans drums and guitarists Tom Ollendorf and Will Barnes.

Highway Patrol

Monday, 27th April 2015

My new mode of transport. Pity no room for the amp? or guitar. Really enjoyed the gigs with ARQ at Birmingham Jazz last Friday and album launch with LUND Saturday in Whitstable. This week Friday gig at Derby Jazz so I’m playing Thursday at Jan’s Bar. National Jazz Day. See you soon…

LUND update

Thursday, 26th March 2015

First review out and we now have distribution with Proper.

Fabulous album, riveting material, sublime musicianship, Merge instantly sweeps you up in a passionate embrace of shivering guitar and intriguing lyrics,” MUSICIAN MAGAZINE, MARCH 2015

Reading Leeds! This is not cool.

Tuesday, 3rd March 2015

The left hand poster shows the bands with a woman playing or singing in…

What do we need to do? Throw ourselves under racehorses?

Just below Wynton

Monday, 9th February 2015

I was so busy looking at a splendidly recumbent Gilad Atzmon that I didn’t notice…
hang on, at the bottom, just below Wynton Marsalis. Must be the interview I did a while ago as ‘The Player”.

Well that’s nice? Must get a copy.