dr quantum leaps 2004

Dr Quantum Leaps

  1. sky
  2. dr quantum
  3. dust
  4. wuthering heights
  5. walk the circle
  6. get mild
  7. beautiful or what
  8. string theory
  9. famously
  10. broadband
  11. get mild [radio mix]

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  • Deirdre Cartwright – guitars
  • Janette Mason – piano/synths/hammond organ
  • Alison Rayner – double/electric bass
  • Carola Grey – drums
  • Sarah P – vocals


?Guitarist Deirdre Cartwright has assembled a superbly alert, sympathetic band for this, her group?s fourth album.

Their material visits everything from dub, bluesy shuffles, Kate Bush and the sort of subtle, classy fusion associated with that undersung late 1980s unit, the Jimmy Giuffre 4. As they did on the album?s illustrious predecessor, ?Precious Things? (2002), Cartwright?s band – sparkling but strong keyboardist Janette Mason, sonorous bassist Alison Rayner, brisk, sharp drummer Carola Grey – play a pleasingly varied programme impeccably, packing a considerable punch where needed but providing hair-trigger responsiveness throughout.

A thoughtfully programmed, unequivocally enjoyable album.?
Chris Parker, Jazz at Ronnie Scott?s

?Some of the most enthusiastic playing comes most notably on ?Famously? and ?Broadband? wherein Cartwright?s affection for Grant Green and Janette Mason?s jubilant Hammond organ are at their most free. Some will consider the lyrics (partly inspired by modern physics) inspirational. ?Dr Quantum Leaps? represents a soft, lyrical and heartfelt combination of contemporary jazz and urban music. One moreover that does more then recreate rhythms that have been heard innumerable times before.?
John Fordham, The Guardian

?It marks the maturing of Cartwright not just as a questing guitarist, happy in a variety of idioms, but also as a writer and collaborator of sensitivity and authority. Her strength has always been her sense of space embellished with precise, almost architectural detail, she revels in texture, tone and effect. In a world of conflict, Cartwright?s album (largely through Sarah P?s lyrics) is rich with music?s healing powers, powers that are all the more effective for being expressed with passion yet understated assurance.?
Andy Robson, Jazzwise

?She is a most remarkable musician. As well as having an apparently effortless command of the instrument, she has the ability to dip in and out of just about any style, yet she always manages to knit the disparate bits together into a coherent whole. The rest of the band, keyboard player Janette Mason, bassist Alison Rayner and drummer Carola Grey, are as sharp as ever.?
Dave Gelly, The Observer

?This is the fourth recording by Deirdre Cartwright?s regular group and as we?ve come to expect it is warm and melodic throughout, yet imaginative and full of surprises. Great credit to Deirdre for this, both as the composer of most of the material and as a guitar soloist of considerable distinction. The only non-original track is a really fresh treatment of Kate Bush?s ?Wuthering Heights?, featuring outstanding solos from Deirdre and pianist Janette Mason. Bassist Alison Rayner and drummer Carola Grey contribute enormously to the group sound, and Sarah P?s engaging vocals add just the right amount of spice.?
Pete Martin, JazzUK

?The timeless excellence of Deirdre?s livewire guitar style hits the airwaves again with the creation of this, her latest jazz group album. Alongside the creative talents of Janette Mason (keyboards), Alison Rayner (bass) and drummer Carola Grey, Deirdre demonstrates her ability to turn her hand to a smorgasbord of cultured material including ?Wuthering Heights? and her own highly impressive originals. The group is joined by vocalist Sarah P who adds her individual character to several tracks here. Always a treat.?
Keith Ames, Musician magazine